Don’t Miss Philip Yancey’s New Study: Vanishing Grace: Whatever Happened to the Good News?

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vanishing graceHad some time this week to take a look at Vanishing Grace: Whatever Happened to the Good News, a new study from Philip Yancey.  You probably recognize that name.  With over 14 million books sold and as the author of two ECPA Christian books of the year (The Jesus I Never Knew and What’s So Amazing about Grace), Philip Yancey is one of the best-selling Christian authors.

Based on Yancey’s latest book by the same title, Vanishing Grace explores an important topic.  “What kind of news is good to a culture that thinks it has rejected the Christian version?”  The study also examines “illuminating stories of how faith can be expressed in ways that disarm even the most cynical critics.”

DVD-driven, Vanishing Grace features the teaching of Philip Yancey as well as a compelling guest list that includes Gabe Lyons, Rosaria Butterfield, Holly BurkhalterMakoto Fujimura, Ron Nikkel and Cliff and Wilma Derksen.  With an average length of about 20 minutes, the mix of Yancey’s intelligent presentation and the stories of the others captures and holds attention very well.

The study guide includes a video viewing guide and a well written set of discussion questions that will help participants absorb and wrestle with the video content.  Each session also includes an exploration of a set of Bible passages.  The study guide also includes a set of personal studies to be completed between sessions.  Participants are also encouraged to read the Vanishing Grace book, which will provide “even deeper insights that will make the journey richer and more meaningful.”

Vanishing Grace is a very timely study that will help your members understand the cultural shifts in an increasingly post-Christian America.  Although the study covers a topic that may not be right at the top of what your members would seek to study, with the right recommendation it will be both enlightening and challenging.  I highly recommend Vanishing Grace.  I came away with a number of new understandings and I know you will too.

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