Easter 2017 Comes Once. Take Advantage of It!

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I should make a list of the things that make me angry. At least the ministry things that make me angry. So far, I haven’t turned over a table or anything. But there are definitely things that make me mad.

One of them is when leaders decide to wait until next year. That is a killer!

Maybe it’s happening where you are! It does, you know. As we approach Easter, thousands of churches will decide to put off ministry initiatives because doing them would be a stretch, or succeeding isn’t a sure thing, or it would cause them to have to reprioritize their announcements, or…you get the point.

About three weeks ago I wrote an article suggesting three things you could this week to connect more people after Easter. That article has been read by hundreds and hundreds of church leaders–you probably read it–and only a few will put the ideas to use. The rest will decide to wait until next year.

I hope you’re not waiting until next year!

Here’s an excerpt from my article 5 Terrible Small Group Ministry Ideas to Avoid at ALL Costs:

Waiting until next year.  This is a truly terrible idea!  Every year, every ministry season is a gift from God.  Waiting until next year is what the third servant did in Matthew 25!  We can provide all kinds of rationales:

Waiting will give us more time to prepare

We’ll be better trained

Our foundation will be stronger


When we wait until next year we assume that unconnected people will still be around.  They won’t!  Unconnected people are always one tough thing away from never being at your church again.  When we wait until next year we assume we will have discovered a problem-free solution or strategy.  We won’t!  The pursuit of problem-free delays more ministry than anything else.  See also, What’s Your Urgency Level for Connecting People? and The Pursuit of Problem-Free.

Forgive my little bit of a rant today. Waiting until next year just makes me angry. After all…Easter 2017 only comes once!

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