Everybody Needs a Coach

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We’ve all launched new groups and known that a key to new leader effectiveness is the presence of a coach.  We’ve seen it in many other venues as well, whether it’s been in sports, music, or blogging.  It just pays off to have someone walking alongside who knows the secrets to doing it well and can provide the keys to success.

Whether we’re talking about new small group leaders or 9 year-olds learning to play baseball…we all understand the need for a coach.  I think most of us even get a highly paid major league baseball pitcher benefiting from the observations of a keen observer.  Dancers, artists, singers, basketball players, golfers, sprinters and distance runners all benefit from the expertise of a coach.

How about you?  Do you know what you need to know?  Could a small change or two make a big difference in your effectiveness?  Would it make a difference for you to talk with a small group ministry coach?

What if a 60 minute conversation would help you see the one strategic shift that would help you launch 50% more groups in 2011?  What if a short call could help you begin to collaborate more effectively with your senior pastor?  What if you could get started for as little as $75?

Benefits of Coaching

  • Maximize the results of your connection events
  • Fine tune your annual calendar of events to leverage impact
  • Collaborate more effectively with your senior pastor
  • Learn to identify more and better leaders
  • Identify the subtle changes in your ministry calendar that will exponentially change your results

(Learn how to set up a coaching call)

Got Any References?

I’ve been coaching small group ministry leaders for almost 10 years.  In fact, I’ve provided strategic coaching for many of the most effective small group ministries in the country.  Here are a few observations from satisfied clients.

I’d Love to Help Your Ministry Expand

I am a passionate fan of small group ministry.  I am confident that life-change happens best in living rooms, across dining room tables, or over a cup of coffee at a Starbucks.  I’ve written over 500 articles on how to connect more people in groups, how to launch groups more effectively, how to train leaders and how to build effective coaching structures.  There’s a ton of information here at MarkHowellLive and most of it’s free because I want your small group ministry to succeed.

But most of us could benefit immensely from an hour with a seasoned veteran with a keen eye.  If you’re ready to take that step and invest in your own growth…I’d love to help you.  You can find out how and make arrangements for our first conversation right here.

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