Experimenting with What COULD Come Next

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What’s the most recent experiment you’ve run?  What new wrinkle have you tested lately?

I’ve written in the past about the innovations that have changed what is possible for small group ministry.  Believe me, I love the way the new ideas expand the design limits of what’s possible.  I’m just suggesting that if you’re not experimenting, if you’re not testing new ideas…you’re likely on a path to more of what you’re currently experiencing.  See also, The Unexpected Twist in Saddleback’s Exponential Growth Formula.

I love this quote from Gary Hamel’s The Future of Management:

“It is natural that human beings want to be ‘in control.’ Each of us hopes the future will unfold according to play.  Yet in a world where the present is an increasingly unreliable guide to the future, competitive success depends less on planning for what will come next and more on continuously experimenting with what could come next.  The only thing you can bank on is that the future is going to be surprising.”  p. 156, The Future of Management

So what are you testing?  Have a question?  Want to argue?  You can click here to jump into the conversation.

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