FAQ: How Can I Tell My Pastor about This?

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This is truly a frequently asked question (FAQ).  Usually in response to a post that I’ve written to be passed on to senior pastors, I’ll get a reply that is a little cryptic, but essentially says, “My pastor doesn’t understand this truth about small groups.  It’s limiting our small group ministry.  How can I tell him this?”

Can I tell you something?  The main reason I write the posts that prompt that response is to motivate you to talk with your pastor about it.


Is it easy?  Nope.

Is there another way to get done what needs to get done without talking with your pastor?  Nope.  Certain things cannot be delegated and the senior pastor’s role as small group champion is one of them (Note: Not everyone agrees with this.  See my review of Small Groups, Big Impact for more information).

Is there a good way to start the conversation?  Maybe.  It really depends on the relationship that you have with your senior pastor.

Here’s my best shot at a formula for conversation:

  1. Check your own heart any below-the-waterline motivation, any junk that shouldn’t be there.  Only proceed if you can honestly say that your only motivation is helping your senior pastor succeed at his mission.
  2. Pray for wisdom.  Pray for the right heart.  Pray for the purest motivation.
  3. Read the articles below to get a good feel for the conversation.  Do you need to read them all?  No…but you need to know that although the theme is similar in all of them, there may be a subtle difference in one that makes it easier.
  4. Choose one or two to pass along to your pastor.  You might attach a note that says something like, “What do you think about this?”  Or, depending on your relationship with the pastor, you might even write, “I’d like to talk with you about this article.”  Your objective is to schedule a meaningful opportunity for conversation.
  5. Stay focused on the real goal: helping your pastor accomplish his mission.  Don’t forget that.  Ever.

Want do you think?  Have a question?  Want to argue?  You can click here to jump into the conversation.

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