FAQ: How Do You Train “Launch-Phase Coaches”

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train launch phaseI get questions. A lot of questions. Some come by email and others begin as comments or questions on a blog post. I get a lot of questions, too, when I'm speaking at a conference or giving a workshop.

When I get a question I think you'd like to know the answer to...I often simply answer in a blog post!

Here's one I get a lot, especially in advance of the 3 main seasons for church-wide campaigns.

Here's today's question:

"I think I understand how to identify a potential coach and also how to recruit a potential coach. But how do you train them to actually do what they need to do? How do you help them begin well?"

That is a great question! After all, if you go to the trouble of identify the right men and women and then recruit them in the right way, but they miss the mark because you haven't given them the specific skills they need or focused their attention on the things they can do for the new leaders they're assigned...well, that would be bad!

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Here's my answer:

First, be sure that your training is consistent with the job description you've developed and given them. That is, design your training to help them do what you recruited them to do. Click here to open a copy of the job description we use for what we call a campaign coach.

Remember, we only recruited people who made it through the four filters I mentioned in the first post in this series. They will be easy to train to do the simple things we need them to do.

Second, focus your training on the critical new skills they will need during their 10 to 13 week commitment. The four new skills they will need during their 10 to 13 week commitment are:

  1. Have an excellent first conversation with each new leader.
  2. Have 8 to 10 prearranged weekly conversations with each new leader.
  3. Leverage every previous conversation to deepen their relationship with each new leader.
  4. Maximize the sustainability of each new group.

Third, design your training to be a combination of training-in-advance and just-in-time training. Some of what your new coaches will need to be trained to do will be very familiar and come quite naturally. After all, you've chosen only the candidates who truly meet the criteria. In order to meet the criteria they will already know much of what they need to know.

However, some of the new skills your new coaches will need to be trained to do may take them into uncharted territory. For example, while they meet new people easily, they might need to learn how to have an excellent first conversation. Or they may need to acquire some tools that will help them leverage every previous conversation to deepen their relationship with each new leader.

Two Key Methods of Training

The training-in-advance can happen at a one-time centralized gathering (or a series). The advantage of a centralized gathering is that it will make role playing or practice possible. The disadvantage is the difficulty of getting all of your new coaches together for a training session.

The training-in-advance can also happen on a series of conference calls or video calls. The advantage is that new coaches can join the conference call or video session from wherever they are without having to drive to the centralized meeting (or even being in town). Another advantage is that your training session(s) can easily be recorded and made available for those who miss the training and for those who would like another chance to review.

Need More Help?

Take advantage of Basic Training for New Small Group Coaches:

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  1. Use it as a model to create your own version. In addition to the four video sessions, you will have access to the session notes and other downloadable forms (scripts for an excellent first conversation; conversation journal to record highlights, concerns, and prayer requests, etc.).
  2. Offer it to your campaign coaches as advance training. While each of the sessions will train coaches in the four skills we need them to have, every session will be limited to fully transferable content. This training is designed to allow you to supplement my Campaign Coach Basic Training with handouts or live sessions that provide your own custom information for dates, times, etc.

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