Don’t Miss This Powerful Study: Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith

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One of the resources I picked up while I was at Re:Group was Andy Stanley’s Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith.  Published by Zondervan in 2009, the study is based on five faith catalysts that North Point has identified as the things God uses repeatedly to grow people’s faith.

After running across the idea of the five faith catalysts in Deep and Wide (Stanley’s powerful new book), I had to pick up the series.  Only after reviewing it did I catch the real potential of using the study as a companion to a weekend series (see below for information about additional resources that will make the alignment aspect work).

DVD-driven, the six session study is anchored by excerpts from a North Point message series.  The sessions average 15 to 20 minutes in length and feature Andy Stanley, one of America’s most dynamic and creative speakers.  The DVD also includes all six messages in their entirety as a bonus feature.

Delivered in his classic application oriented style, Stanley zeroes in on the five faith catalysts of practical teaching, providential relationships, private disciplines, personal ministry, and pivotal circumstances.

The Participant Guide includes everything you need for a great experience.  Every session includes discussion starter questions, an overview of the video segment, a note taking section, and discussion questions that will take participants beyond understanding to application.  The participant guide also includes a simple daily devotional for use between sessions as preparation for the next session.

Another very important ingredient in the participant guide is a built-in leader’s guide, making it possible for the facilitation of the study to be distributed among members.

Want to do Five Things God Uses as a weekend alignment?

An aspect about this study that shouldn’t be overlooked is the possibility of using it in combination with a weekend message series.  There are two levels of resources.  For those churches needing just the weekend messages to make it work, an available essentials kit includes message outlines, message transcripts, programming ideas.  For churches who would like some help with the creative elements of a service, the starter kit even includes logos and graphics, bulletin, templates, promo videos and title packages.

Whether you’re looking for a new study for your approved list or an idea for a sermon series and study that will help members grow, you need to take a look at Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith.  A very good study, this is one you don’t want to miss.

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