New from People of the Second Chance: Freeway: A Not So Perfect Guide to Freedom

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freewayFinally had a chance yesterday to dig into the newest resource from the folks at People of the Second Chance.  Freeway: A Not So Perfect Guide to Freedom is a powerful seven session study by Mike Foster and Garry Poole.  Built on God’s amazing grace, honest conversations with friends, and finding freedom from deepest pain and struggles, Freeway is way more than a study.  It’s an experience in the very best sense of the word.

“Freeway is a way to be free.  It’s a guide built upon God’s amazing grace, conversations with friends, and a personal exploration of our pain and loss.  Through the process of awareness, discovery, ownership, forgiveness, acceptance, and freedom, our hearts can be healed (from the introduction).”

Anchored by the workbook, you know you’re in for something really different when you start flipping through the pages.  I review a lot of small group material and I honestly can’t remember another workbook that is even remotely like Freeway.  Put together with real category busting ideas, the workbook is way more than a study guide.  I really wish there was a way you could see it.  I know you’d be hooked like I am.

The DVD segments give the feel that Mike Foster is simply reflecting on the journey; as it he is actually a member of your group.  Pure and unaffected.  I’ve never met Mike, but I came away feeling like we’d had a conversation.

Each of the seven sessions is an engaging combination of 5 components:

  • Prepare: includes a short set of introductions to the big idea of each step.
  • Explore: creative exercises designed to help you begin to process some of your struggles.
  • Share: includes watching a short video and working through a group discussion.
  • Jump in: practical life experiments designed to help you implement and put into practice what you’re learning.
  • Remember: a journal section that allows you to capture your thoughts and observations, helping further focus your thoughts.

I love this study.  If you’re looking for a study that will take people on a journey, a grace-filled journey, toward the life God dreams for them, you’ll love this study too.  Freeway is the kind of study that will cause you to see every other study in a new light.  Great stuff.  I loved it and I think you will too.

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