Frequently Asked Questions about HOW TO. JUMPSTART. JANUARY. ’23!

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I'm very excited about the launch of my newest course: HOW. TO. JUMPSTART. JANUARY. '23!. I launched the initial version in 2014 via a recorded conference call and revised it in 2016 via a video call). I revised the course again in 2019 and 2021.

You may have questions and just not had time yet to ask them.

Here are the most frequently asked questions (and the answers!):

I can't watch the live sessions. Will they be available for me to watch later?  Absolutely! All 4 sessions will be recorded and available for viewing or download at your convenience on my password-protected site.

Can I share the video content with my team? Definitely. Your purchase gives you the right to share the video sessions (as well as the other supporting documents and helps) with your team.

How is this content different than the 2021 version? Because I am always looking for the best way to build a thriving small group ministry, I am always testing new ideas. Although the strategies in the 2021 version still work, they are no longer the most effective (and they aren't how we do it anymore).

Will HOW. TO. JUMPSTART JANUARY '23!. be available later?  Like my other courses, this one will be available later...but the Early Bird price of $50.00 increases to $75.00 on November 1st, 2022.

I live in another country. Can I take advantage of HOW. TO. JUMPSTART. '23!? Every session will be a web-based video call and every session will be recorded and uploaded by the following morning to my password protected site. If the session is live at a time you can join, you should be able to join no matter where you are. If it's not convenient for you to join live, you can watch the recording later that same day (or early the next day depending on where you are in the world!).

We've tried launching new groups in January, but it didn't go so well. Why should we try again? If you take advantage of the planning and implementation strategies, you will see why I think late January/early February is a fantastic time to connect unconnected people and launch new groups. You'll sustain more of what you launch if you are careful to do everything we talk about.

I purchased the 2021 version. Will I be able to watch the new content? Sorry! No. Hopefully you got tremendous value over the last 1 to 2 years from what you learned in the 2021 version. The new version is definitely worth investing another $50 in (or $75 if you miss the Early Bird price).

Click here to take a look at HOW. TO. JUMPSTART. JANUARY. '23!: Plan, Launch and Sustain More Groups than Ever Before.

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