Friday’s List | September 8

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fridays-listEvery Friday I post a short list of the things I’m reading, listening to, loving and wrestling with:

Here’s what I’m reading right now:

4 WAYS TO STAY POSITIVE IN WORK AND LIFE by Michael Hyatt. Michael’s been reading Jon Gordon’s newest book!

How To Tell If A New Volunteer Is A Truly A Leader (Or Simply A Doer) by Carey Nieuwhof. Some great insights here.

It’s Not Always Easy To Slow Down by Dan Reiland. This is my story. Thanks Dan.

3 Reasons Your Church Building Should Communicate a Story (and What It Means) by Mel McGowan on Great read! You may not know Mel, but you probably know his company. Visioneering has led the way architecturally in many of the fastest growing churches.

Getting serious about remarkable by Seth Godin. This is why I love Seth’s thinking. We all need to think this way.

3 NEW OUTREACH REALITIES THAT MANY CHURCHES STILL DON’T GET by James Emery White. Read this! So good and packed with insight into the current scenario.

Here’s what I’m listening to:

The Complexity of a Purpose on the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. Part one of a two part conversation, this is typically great Andy Stanley content.

The Power of Onlyness (with Nilofer Merchant) on the Accidental Creative podcast. If you’ve got an idea that needs to be developed, this will be a great listen.

How To Develop Leaders on the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. Always excellent, you need to subscribe to this one (which posts on the first Thursday of every month).

Launch Your Dream: A 30-Day Plan for Turning Your Passion into Your Profession by Dale Partridge. Loving this! Every day has a remember, an ask, believe, and do assignment.

Quotes I’m still wrestling with:

“The best business ideas often appear laughable at first glance. The lesson for entrepreneurs goes deeper than the pat advice “you shouldn’t take no for an answer.” You should expect to take no for an answer. If you’re laughed out of the room, it may actually be a good sign.” Reid Hoffman

App I’m using:

I’m learning to consistently leverage Evernote as my go-to place to store ideas, quotes, and content. I’ve had this app for several years and always mean to use it more.

My own post I hope you’re reading:

Enter to Win Saddleback’s New Small Group Leadership Training Kit

I spent some time this week with the Small Group Leadership Training Kit, a great new comprehensive resource from Steve Gladen and the Saddleback Small Group Team.

And…I’m running a giveaway contest over the weekend to give away a copy of the Small Group Leadership Training Kit (a $200 value). Click here to read my full review.

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