Game Plan for Life with Joe Gibbs

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Looking for a challenging study that will appeal to men?  You might want to consider Lifeway’s Game Plan for Life.  Featuring three-time Super Bowl winner, NFL Hall of Fame coach, and three-time NASCAR champion Joe Gibbs, it has some of the ingredients of an easy to market experience baked in.

Game Plan for Life is a DVD-driven study that has a lot going for it and should be pretty easy to promote and lead.  Start with a recognizable name, add plenty of resources* and you’ve got most of the ingredients for what could be a very promotable men’s study that can be done on campus or off.

Each of the six group sessions are reinforced by a 5 day daily workout experience that is built in to the study guide, a nice feature.  Although the study could include reading the hardback (the topics do correspond), it isn’t dependent on it, and in fact, study participants will get a lot out of the sessions themselves.

The sessions are designed to be a combination of media and discussion and they have good variety.  The six topics included in the study were selected “based on national survey” that “identified the eleven most important issues facing men today.”  Volume 1 of Game Plan for Living includes the following:

  1. Finances (with a video featuring Ron Blue)
  2. God (with a video featuring Ken Boa)
  3. Creation (with a video featuring John Lennox)
  4. The Bible (with a video featuring Josh McDowell)
  5. Sin and Addiction (with a video featuring Ravi Zacharias)
  6. Salvation (with a video featuring Chuck Colson)

If there is a challenge to the study it might be the topics.  For many men in your congregation, Game Plan for Life will offer a great next step.  At the same time, while Joe Gibbs’ name recognition and the engaging format will make it easy for men to get involved, I think the pace with which the concepts are introduced will be a challenge for men who are less mature spiritually.

Overall, I think you’ll find Game Plan for Life to be easy to promote and a helpful addition to your men’s ministry menu.


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