Groups Interactive

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What are you using to manage and grow your small group ministry?  As I’ve mentioned previously, 24/7 access is a very important detail.  Whether you have 10 groups or 100, the ability to find out what groups are available, how to contact the leader, and when and where they meet are almost an essential ingredients.  Reporting and leader communication are two additional keys to a robust solution.  The popularity of facebook and other social media solutions make the availability of  member to member communication an attractive feature in any web-based application.

Groups Interactive, developed by Upper Room Technologies is a web-based application you may want to check out.  Offering an easy search solution (that can be customized to feature certain groups), integration with many church management systems, along with reporting and the ability to add coaching layers as your system grows, it is very robust.  A feature that many will find particularly appealing is the function that allows group members to set automated updates to Outlook, iCal, Google and Yahoo calendars.  That’s big!

With pricing based on worship attendance, Groups Interactive is competitive with other services.  One aspect of their pricing that will benefit smaller or newer churches is a free one-year subscription to the service (with a $50 dollar set-up fee).  That’s big!  With many church plants starting out with a fully functioning web presence, Groups Interactive could be a great addition.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve already gone multi-site, Groups Interactive is a service you’ll want to take some time to investigate.  I’ve found their team to be very knowledgeable and extremely accessible.  Want to set up a demo?  You can do that right here.  Need more information about Upper Room Technologies?  You’ll find out a lot about the company and their roots on their blog.

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