Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hope you have a great day today!  As we get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve got so much to be thankful for.  A God who loves us enough to provide a costly salvation.  Family and friends who love us.  A great job at a great church that really matches my passion to reach people for Christ.  The joy and challenge of working with a senior pastor who’s willing to take the risks I want to take.  The life-change stories we’ve heard on the heels of launching over 200 new groups.  An ongoing opportunity to help churches everywhere learn how to launch, build and sustain small group ministry.

Life is good today.

And I’m so thankful for it!  Thank you God for everything!

P.S. The Greenberg smoked turkey with cornbread dressing will help make today even better!  And can’t forget the cranberry relish or the candied yams or the green bean casserole.  And the pecan and pumpkin pies will be pretty nice, too.  Mmmmm.   I’m already hungry!

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