Hearing a Ringing Sound? It May Be the Clue Phone

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6811253941_2b4d1d98ea_bI remember a memorable John Ortberg story told as an opener in a message. Couldn't even begin to tell you what the message was about, but I vividly remember the story. Ortberg and Jimmy Mellado, now President and CEO of Compassion, were at Egg Harbor somewhere in Chicagoland. Mellado repeatedly orders waffles. The server says, "We don't have waffles. This is Egg Harbor. We make eggs." Finally, when Mellado again orders waffles, the server says, "Clue phone. This is Egg Harbor. We make eggs. Hear that ringing sound? It's the clue phone and it's for you."

Turns out that a clue phone, according to Urban Dictionary, "is an imaginary phone, whose futile hope, is to alert the terminally oblivious to reality."

Had to have been something I heard at a conference. Honestly, might have been Mellado telling the story, now that I think of it. Memorable though. And the idea of a clue phone has definitely been locked into my consciousness.

"Clue phone. It's for you."

Love the concept. Hate it when it is ringing for me.

How about you? Do you hear a ringing sound? Like maybe when you think about how things are really going in your small group ministry? Like when you think about whether you are really making disciples? Or when you stop to think about the way you're really developing leaders? Or how many people are really connected in a meaningful way at your church? Or maybe it's how many people are just one tough thing away from never being at your church again?

If you hear a ringing sound...first of all, good for you! You're at least beginning to be serious about wisely stewarding what you are accountable for.

If you hear a ringing sound, can I encourage you to do some digging. Give some thought to setting up a diagnostic coaching call. Or maybe sign up for one of my short courses. Or reach out to a trusted friend who can bring fresh eyes to your situation.

Being able to recognize the sound of the clue phone is a good thing. It's when it's ringing and everyone hears it but you that's the problem.

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