Here’s a great one-two punch example of a small group “ask”

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It doesn't happen every time, but when it does it is so powerful!

As we prepare for a Life Group Connection (on February 25th), we've been inviting unconnected people to sign up for it in order to get connected.

We've used announcements, program inserts, website promotions, a church-wide email to unconnected people, etc.

The BEST one-two punch is always a great set-up by the service "host" (the person who does the welcome, leads communion, and shares one or two announcements during the offering) and an "ask" by the senior pastor during the message.

On February 10-11 we had one of the best one-two punches I've ever seen.

Early in the service, the host asked everyone to take out the Life Group Connection insert in their program and hold it up. He said, "Our next Life Group Connection is on February 25th right after the 11:00 a.m. service. If you're not in a Life Group, I want you to fill this out. You can decide later if you want to drop the insert in the offering bucket, but for now, I want you to fill it out."

Then, in the first few minutes of his message, the teaching pastor used several minutes to set up the critical importance of being connected and invited everyone who needs to get connected to sign up for the Life Group Connection.

The one-two punch produced a very large response (over 500 sign-ups).

Watch the first 15 minutes to see how it happened (the ask happens at 13:30, but the set-up begins at about 11:00 minutes).

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