How Does Your Fall Ministry Season Look from Here?

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fall leavesFall. I don't know about you, but here in Las Vegas I'm looking forward to fall. Temperatures begin to cool off (we'll soon have daytime temps under 100!) and the plans we've made for our fall ministry season will be in full swing!

Note: Some of this is still true. Some, due to COVID-19 obviously will look quite different.

If your church is like most churches, the fall ministry season is an important part of your annual strategy. As school begins and summer vacations come to an end there is often an attendance bump. In some communities the end of summer and the beginning of fall is accompanied by the largest number of new attendees as new residents begin to look for a church.

If your church is like my church, your fall ministry season hasn't kicked off yet, but it's just about to begin. Here at Canyon Ridge we're one week in to a six week onramp to our fall groups launch.

We're definitely close enough to the fall to see how it's shaping up and make a few last minute tweaks to our strategy.

How Does Your Fall Ministry Season Look from Here?

Are you ready? Do your plans look like they're going to produce?

Or do you think you might need a slight adjustment?

If you think you might need a little help or a few ideas that might help your fall ministry season, here are a few articles:

Can I help you?

I regularly coach churches on preparing for church-wide campaigns and growth initiatives. While I am sometimes available for an onsite consultation, I can also schedule a series of video conference calls to guide your team through the process.  Email Me for more information.

If you've not taken Supercharge Your Fall Ministry Season, one of my most popular mini-courses, you might want to check it out. Packed with ideas, tips and strategies, it will take your fall ministry season to another level.

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