How to Answer the Questions of Unconnected People

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question-raised-handFirst News flash: Joining a small group is a foreign concept to most unconnected people. With the exception of currently unconnected people who have been in a group before, everyone with no experience hears “small group” and either wonders what you’re talking about and why it is so important or has a wide range of common misconceptions.

Second News Flash: Unconnected people are unsure about joining a small group. They also have many questions about coming to a small group connection!

Three Important Things You Can Do

There are three important things you can do to help unconnected people understand small groups and small group connections:

  1. Testimonies (both live and video) from people who got connected to a small group. Whether it’s a new laundry detergent, a new treatment for hair loss, or a dating service like eHarmony, the testimonials of satisfied customers are often the most powerful persuasion to try something new. See also, How to Develop Video or Live Testimony that Recruits Hosts or Members.
  2. Website and print content. Along with live or video testimonials from satisfied customers, well-written web or print content can help unconnected people brave uncharted waters.
  3. Easy access FAQs (frequently asked questions). Web or print FAQs can provide “risk-free” answers to common questions. Click here to download an example FAQ for a small group connection.

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  1. Roger Carr on December 1, 2016 at 10:10 am

    Mark – These are greatways for a church to communicate what a small group is to someone who hasn’t experienced one before. We can take it for granted (especially within the church) everyone knows about small groups, then be completely ineffective in our invitations.

    Group leaders and members need to keep this in mind when they invite people to attend their small group gatherings. A personal testimony and description about what makes their group awesome needs to be a part of their invitation as well.

  2. Mark Howell on December 1, 2016 at 10:21 am

    Great points Roger! Thanks for jumping in here!