How to Build the Organization You’ll Need Sooner Than Later

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emythA quick tip today.  Got into a really good conversation with a groups guy over the weekend.  Talking about how to build the organization he’ll need sooner than later.

He’s at the stage that many of us are in right now.  We’re at the stage where we don’t have enough staff or volunteers to delegate away what someone else could/should do…and so, we’re stuck doing it all.

Can you relate?

The question behind the question he was asking was, “How do I begin to build the organization I’ll need sooner rather than later?”

My diagnosis and prescription?  Now is the time to chart out the org chart for the organization you’ll need sooner than later.  That’s right.  Take the time to draw the org chart in the way it would be drawn if you had plenty of help…already.

Start by listing all of the individual tasks that you’re doing to keep things running.  This list might give you a hint or two:

  • Recruiting small group leaders
  • Training new small group leaders
  • Coaching small group leaders
  • Following up on indications of interest in joining a small group (whether they’re coming in via the bulletin, phone, or in person)
  • Reviewing new small group studies and updating the recommended list
  • Training existing small group leaders
  • Planning training events to train small group leaders
  • Collecting life-change stories to pass on to your senior pastor
  • etc.

Next, begin to drop these individual roles into the format of an org chart.  Keep in mind that right now your name might be in most of the boxes!  Here’s an example.

Finally, begin looking for people who would be great at the individual roles.  You won’t find them all at once.  You’ll find them one at a time.  You’ll need a job description and a way to supervise every role.  It will take some work.  But when you find them, every one you find will begin to delegate away the things that could be done by volunteers or additional staff.  And it will leave you doing what only you can do!

One of the best books I’ve read on this topic was The E-Myth by Michael Gerber (now available in a revised edition called The E-Myth Revisted).  Very practical.  I got a ton out of it and I bet you would too.

What do you think?  Have a question?  Want to argue?  You can click here to jump into the conversation.

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