How to Choose the Right Church-Wide Campaign

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Of all the ways to launch small groups, nothing compares to the power and potential of a well chosen, strategically timed and skillfully implemented church-wide campaign. All three elements are essential, but when you get all three other strategy comes close.

In this article I want to point out three keys to choosing the right church-wide campaign. Like a lot of things, you can get the timing right and skillfully pull the trigger...but if you choose the wrong just won't work. And the worst part of it is, you'll believe church-wide campaigns aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Here are three keys to choosing the right church-wide campaign:

1. Get crystal clear on who you want to connect

This is really important. Don't miss this. I included Saddleback's concentric circles diagram so you'd be able to visualize this concept. The topic absolutely determines who you can connect. If you're praying for a campaign that allows your hosts to invite friends, family and neighbors (the crowd and community or the widening 60%)...choose a topic that will appeal to them (i.e., Transformed or What On Earth Am I Here For?). On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to help your congregation deepen their faith, choose a topic that will challenge them (i.e., Follow Me or Not a Fan). You'll find more information on this in my article, Does Your Topic Connect with Your True Customer?

  1. Acknowledge that you can't please everyone.  This is a huge concept!  Don't miss it.  I often illustrate this by pointing out that In-N-Out Burger, Chili's, Outback Steakhouse, and Ruth's Chris each have a carefully selected market niche.  You'll never see In-N-Out add a sizzling filet mignon to their menu.  And while a Ruth's Chris regular might occasionally hit Chili's...they'll never expect Chili's classic sirloin to really compare with their usual.
  2. Design your annual calendar to provide next steps for everyone in your crowd (core, committed, congregation and crowd)...and first steps for their friends (community).  It's important to see that wise leaders look ahead and plan next steps that provide growth opportunities for every segment of their church and community.

Wise leaders will also strategically time their church-wide campaigns to provide the maximum return.  And that's the subject for my next article:  When Is the Best Time to launch a Church-Wide Campaign?

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