How To Stay Up To Date with GroupLife

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How do you stay up to date with what’s happening in GroupLife?  After all, there’s a lot happening…and there are cool stories everywhere!  Maybe you just count on me to pass it along (and I’m really glad you stop by here to see what I’m talking about).  But you really should have a few blogs and websites that you read regularly.  What’s the best way to do that?  Read on…

Although you probably have a few sites bookmarked, there is a faster and more efficient way to stay up to date.  Subscribing to the feeds of the blogs and sites you’d like to keep up with is very easy and makes for a lot less wandering around.  Plus, you can be notified when there’s something new (as opposed to stumbling across it the next time you remember to check it out).

Simple Method of Staying Up To Date

  1. I subscribe to the blogs I want to keep up with.  There are almost always two ways to do that.  You can subscribe by email (when you do that you get an email when there’s something new).  You can also subscribe to the RSS feed and check it out using an RSS reader.  You can see an example of these options on the subscribe page here at
  2. I use Google Reader to keep up with the most of the blogs I follow.  It’s really, really easy.  And it’s free.  All you do is sign up for Google Reader and then add the feeds to the blogs you want to keep up with.  You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.
  3. There are a few blogs that I subscribe to by email because I want their content when it comes out (I only subscribe to 3 or 4 this way).  Most of what I follow is on Google Reader and I check it out several times a week.
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