I’d Love to Know What You NEED to Know

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Ask Mark a Question!I’ve been writing here at MarkHowellLive.com since 2008. Tips and ideas. Strategies. Reviews of new small group studies and books I think you need to know about. As of today, I’ve published 1850 blog posts. Think about it!

And still, I know it’s hard for someone who’s new to the tribe to know the questions that have already been answered or how to find the strategies, tips and ideas I’ve already shared.

I answer emails and comments on the blog all the time. I want to help. I have fun doing it.

But…I know there are things that you’d like to know that I haven’t answered in a long time (or ever).

Would you like to ask me a question that I can answer on my blog? You can do by clicking right here on this short 3 question survey.

Or…if you want to play along, you can help me test out a new method that allows you to leave me a voicemail asking your question. You can do that or see how it works by clicking right here.

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