Ignite a Conversation with the Q Society Room Series

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One of the most interesting new series of DVD-driven curriculum isn’t specifically for the kind of group that most of us consider an ordinary small group.  Still, the Q Society Room Series will provide a great experience for two important types of groups:

First, if you have groups that are tracking with the cultural shifts taking place all around us, this is a series they’ll resonate with for sure.  As I worked my way through two of the four titles (Where You Live Matters: Developing a Vision for Your City and Engaging Post-Christian Culture: Our Mission in a New Context), I thought of some groups I am aware of that seek out books and media that help them understand changing culture.  They’re looking for resources that will help them learn how to meet the needs of their neighbors and co-workers.  They will love this series.

Second, this series will provide a healthy way to expose leadership teams to those same cultural shifts.  If your staff, elder teams or key leadership are in discussion about the changing nature of our societies or the shifting ideologies that are leading to disinterest in the church (while interest in spirituality is on the rise), this series will provide some valuable insights.

There are currently four studies in the Q Society Room Series.  In addition to the two mentioned earlier, there is The Spirituality of Science: How Science Strengthens Faith in God and The Whole Gospel: Revisiting Our Grand Messages to the World.  All four studies feature a cast of Q veterans (Tim Keller, Andy Crouch, Alan Hirsch, etc.) as well as lead-in panel discussions that include Gabe Lyons, Dave Gibbons, Debra Hirsch, etc.

I worked my way through Where You Live Matters, a 5 session study that features Tim Keller (Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, NY), Joel Kotkin (noted author and futurist) and Mel McGowan (founder of Visioneering).  I also took a close look at Engaging Post-Christian Culture, featuring Os Guinness, Alan Hirsch and Andy Crouch.  Both studies are designed to provide the kind of forum that opens eyes and provokes imagination.

As I’ve already mentioned, these studies will intrigue and invigorate discussion certain people and groups, but they’re clearly not intended for the run-of-the-mill group.  Promoted wisely, offered to certain groups, this series will be very popular.  More importantly, it will expose your best thinkers to a conversation they’ll not likely have otherwise.

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