I’m launching a new podcast!

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I’m launching a new podcast!

Yesterday was a very cool day. I decided over a year ago that I really needed to launch a podcast. Went online. Bought everything I needed to get started. And then got busy with everything else I was doing and left the new equipment unopened in the closet.

Until a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I finally recorded a conversation with my friend Bill Willits, Executive Director of Ministry Environments for North Point Ministries.

If you’ve followed the blog for very long you’ve know I’ve posted many times about the things I’ve learned from my friends at North Point. Hopefully you’ve been helped by my articles about their pioneering thinking and strategies.

I’m so excited that both Bill Willits and Tim Cooper from North Point will be speaking at GroupLife Southwest ’17. Can’t wait for you to hear them! (You can still get the early-bird price!)

And I’ll be launching my new podcast in the next few weeks. Can’t wait for you to hear my conversation with Bill!

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