Introducing: Alan Danielson and

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One of the small group ministry experts you ought to get to know is Alan Danielson and his blog ought to be bookmarked or subscribed to.  I first met Alan when he stepped into a key leadership role in the small group ministry at  His leadership and skill set was instrumental in the development of one of the largest small group ministries and a very effective multi-site strategy.

While Alan was at he began developing video curriculum and resources to train small group leaders.  You can see quite a collection of Alan’s work right here.

Since leaving, Alan has been speaking and providing a range of consulting services to churches and has built a great national reputation along the way.  In addition, he’s been a regular speaker at major conferences around the country.

If you’re not regularly reading Alan’s blog…you’re missing some very good coaching.  I’ve found his series, “The Problem with Small Group Pastors” to be a must read resource for point people in small group ministry.  You can also follow him on Twitter right here.

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