Introducing: Allen White and

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As you’re building your own blogroll, one you’ve got to subscribe to (or at least have bookmarked) is Allen White’s blog.  Allen’s one of the smartest guys I know, has a lot of great experience, and has built two very effective small group ministries in large fast growing churches.  On top of that, he was on Brett Eastman’s lifetogether team for several years and has been part of a lot of cool stuff around the country.

Although some of what Allen writes about on his blog is specific to Brookwood, a lot of it is very applicable to small group ministry wherever you are.  For example, his article on Bad Reasons to Close a Group is great stuff for small group leaders to hear and will probably inspire you to write a similar post on your leader’s blog (or just link to Allen’s!).

In addition to his work at Brookwood, Allen is the South Carolina Point Person for the Small Group Network.  He’s also a writer and has contributed to and (and probably some others that I’m not thinking of!).

You can find him on Facebook right here and follow him on Twitter right here.

You can see the rest of my GroupLife Introductions series right here.  And you can learn more about how to keep up with the GroupLife scene right here.

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