Introducing: Mac Lake and MacLakeOnline

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Mac Lake is one of the leading sources for leadership development. If you’re developing a small group ministry…you need what he’s producing. Actually, no matter what ministry you’re developing, you need what’s being produced at MacLakeOnline. Very good stuff, all the time.

As the Leadership Development Pastor at Seacoast Church, a multi-site church with 13 campuses (and expanding), Mac is responsible for a big and very important task. If you’re going to reproduce sites, if you’re going to reproduce ministries, if you’re going to reproduce leaders…you’ve got to have someone like Mac and you’ve got to have a system like Seacoast is developing.

At MacLakeOnline you’ll discover a steady source of leadership development ideas and practices. He’s also constantly referring to other leadership development resources (people, websites, books, etc.).

In 2009 Mac released a small group coaching resource that needs to be part of your arsenal. Growing Small Group Leaders features:

  • a coaching style assessment
  • a coaching schedule
  • a guide for an effective coaching visit
  • a one on one evaluation tool
  • 6 sessions for a coach to use with their leaders

One of the features I’ve found the most helpful are the videos that Mac posts here on his blog.

You can also follow Mac on Twitter and connect on Facebook.

Whether you want to grow as a leader or you’re in the business of developing leaders (or both), I definitely recommend adding Mac and MacLakeOnline to your list of blogs you follow!

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