Introducing: Michael Mack and Small Group Leadership

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One of the champions of small group ministry that you need to know about is Michael Mack.  He’s a practitioner and has  been the Connect Minister at Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, for a number of years.  He’s also a writer and a frequent contributor to  In fact, he was a co-founder of in 1995.

If I were to categorize him, I’d probably say he’s in the holistic small group camp…with a twist of openness to some of the more adventurous strategies of recent years.  He’s definitely one of the most unassuming leaders in the small group movement.

Mack has a couple blogs and regularly posts some really helpful stuff.  SmallGroupLeadership is focused on resourcing small group leaders.  Leading from the Heart is a devotional site.

In addition to the blogging he’s doing, he’s an author.  Leading from the Heart is also the title of his “small group leader’s guide to passionate ministry.”  Along with Leading from the Heart he has a number of other resources available at

You can follow Michael on Twitter and connect with him on Facebook.

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