Introducing: Randall Neighbour and The Naked Truth About Small Groups

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One of the names you need to know in small group ministry is Randall Neighbour.  If it sounds familiar, it may be because you recognize the last name.  Randall is the son of Ralph Neighbour who, along with Lyman Coleman and Carl George, are really the patriarchs of small group ministry in North America.

Randall provides a steady stream of provocative articles at his blog, The Naked Truth About Small Groups.  He is one of the leading voices in the cell group/cell church movement (along with Joel Comiskey and Mario Vega).  And he’s definitely as least as opinionated as me…in a good way.

If you want evidence of his convictions you can catch them in  The Summit: A Convergence of Small Group Experts. There is a classic moment late in the program when something Randall says provokes a pointed response from Lyman Coleman.  I feel a little bit like the voice of Dos Equis when I say this, but I don’t always agree with Randall…but when I do…it’s a moment worth recording.  Actually, Randall is a passionate advocate for the holistic small group idea and at the same time is quick to acknowledge a good point made from another perspective.

Randall is also an author.  In addition to The Naked Truth About Small Group Ministry he’s produced a number of resources designed to help pastors implement the cell group strategy.  You’ll find many of them at Touch USA, along with the materials of others in the movement.

You can also follow Randall on Twitter.

If you drop by over there, be sure and tell Randall I said “hello.”

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