Is multiplication your plan? Or just good intentions?

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"When you multiply..."

A history lesson: In the early 90s, Willow Creek Community Church, then the leading example of effective small group ministry in the U.S., proclaimed the value that "healthy groups growth and birth." Taking their cue from the Meta-Church Model of small group ministry, they championed the idea that like any other cellular organism, it was normal for healthy groups to grow and it was normal for healthy groups to "birth" another group in 12 to 24 months. That was their way of talking about the value of multiplication.

"When you multiply..."

Is multiplication an assumption you have?

Is multiplication an assumption you've shared with your leaders?

Is multiplication a value in your small group ministry (i.e., healthy groups grow and birth)?

Is that a value group members know you have?

Would you say multiplication is your plan? Or just good intentions?

If multiplication is the plan, do group leaders and group members know multiplication is the plan?

Peter Drucker said that "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work."

Full Disclosure: My small group ministry philosophy and strategies have always assumed multiplication but have never embraced a formula, rhythm or step-by-step approach. Instead, I've counted on our core strategies

All true and I still deeply believe every one of these reasons.

And yet, I'm coming to believe two truths:

  1. When we start a new group we need to instill in group leaders and group members the understanding that healthy groups multiply.
  2. We need to remind all existing groups that everyone needs life-changing relationships and we emulate Jesus when we're not "just concerned about our own personal interests but also the interests of others."

"When you multiply..."

Is multiplication your plan? Or just good intentions?

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