Joseph Myers on the Small Group Fraternity Call

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Joseph Myers has been one of the most interesting and disruptive voices in small group land in the last decade.  The Search to Belong shook up a lot of minds and introduced a new way to think about relationships.  Organic Community was no different, challenging many assumptions and provoking great conversations everywhere.

When Joe’s onto a next idea…who doesn’t want to listen in?  Right now he’s working on an understanding that will no doubt end up in a future book.  Technomadic is a Facebook page where he’s been collecting links and formulating the concept.  As usual, what he’s into stirred the pot when he was our guest on our Small Group Fraternity call this week.  You can listen in right here.

The Small Group Fraternity has been a subscription-based program for the first 2 years, but we’re setting it  freeClick HERE to listen to our recent call as our gift to you!  Don’t want to miss our upcoming call with Carl George?  Be sure and sign up today to get the update.

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