Keep It Shut: A New DVD-Driven Study from Karen Ehman

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keep it shutSpent some time this week with a new six session study from Karen Ehman and Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Keep It Shut: What to Say, When to Say It, and When to Say Nothing at All “challenges women to dig deep into what the Bible says about the ways we use our words–both in person and online–and when we should should just keep our lips zipped.”

DVD-driven, each session features Karen Ehman’s teaching, as well as a short vignette with Melissa Taylor (Proverbs 31 Ministries Director of Online Bible Studies).  Ehman is a storyteller and the sessions are engaging.  At an average length of 18 to 23 minutes, they will hold the attention of Bible study members.  The video sessions were filmed in front of a small group of women, providing the feeling of interaction that energizes a gifted communicator.

The study guide includes a video viewing guide (to help highlight a few key points in the teaching and take notes).  Each session also includes a well-written set of discussion questions to be discussed as a group and also in smaller group clusters.  A between sessions study is also included to help maximize the impact.  The between sessions study includes a suggested reading plan to guide participants through the book by the same title that accompanies the study.

Keep It Shut is a study that will be an easy addition to your recommended list.  Karen Ehman’s teaching style helps make a challenging topic easy to swallow and will provoke many great conversations.

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