Top 10 Articles on Launching New Groups

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I've written many articles on this subject over the last few years.  Some people would say I have an obsession with new groups.  I don't know about that.  I do know this...if you want to build a thriving small group ministry, you better learn three things:

  • New groups are the very best way to connect unconnected people.  Period.
  • You already have the leaders you need to start new groups.
  • Paying attention to the feelings, needs, interests and prejudices of the wrong people is almost always behind the obstacles to starting new groups.

Here are my Top 10 Articles on Launching New Groups:

  1. Top 5 Keys to Launching New Groups. Lots of New Groups
  2. 5 Keys to Sustaining New Groups
  3. Top 5 Advantages of New Groups
  4. What Is the Best Way to Launch New Small Groups?
  5. Critical Decision: Add Members to Existing Groups VS Start New Groups
  6. The Four Biggest Obstacles Standing in the Way of Starting New Groups
  7. Tall Tales and Downright Whoppers that Keep Churches from Starting New Groups
  8. Top 5 Ways to Multiply Small Groups
  9. 5 Blatantly Obvious Truths about Starting New Groups
  10. Take a Small Group Vacation
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