Leading Small Groups with Purpose: New from Steve Gladen

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If you've been looking for small group leader training resources, you're going to want to take a look at Leading Small Groups with Purpose.  New from Steve Gladen, this is gem of a resource!  Packed with real-life illustrations, how-tos, and ideas...this is a must-have for every leader.

Gladen's earlier book, Small Groups with Purpose, was an excellent resource for point leaders (whether from the purpose driven camp or not).  The same is true for Leading Small Groups with Purpose.  The content is so relevant, it works regardless of the type of small group system in use.

Part One--Before You Begin Your Group is just that; some very helpful content that will find its way into your leader training concept.  Especially for anyone unfamiliar with the spiritual health assessment and plan, part one will be an eye-opening experience.  The simple idea behind the assessment and plan will help many groups take advantage of new understanding about the spiritual development needs of its members.  This is a gold mine!

Part Two--What to Do in Your Group is as good a collection of practical tips and ideas as I've ever come across.  I loved the way this part of the book is organized and your leaders will, too.  Ten chapters.  Two takes on each of the five purposes (fellowship, discipleship, ministry, mission and worship); there's both insight into the biblical foundation for each purpose and practical suggestions for application.

Again, don't dismiss this resource because you're not purpose-driven!  Trust me on this, you'll finish every chapter thinking, "I'm going to try that idea this week!"  Even better, you'll find yourself wanting to pass the idea on to other leaders.  This is a great collection of what-to-do ideas, backed up by some very practical crawl, walk and run how-to-do suggestions for implementation.

Part Three--Keeping Your Group Focused includes the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about small group ministry.  From how to listen well and should we meet during the summer to what to do about late people and gossip in the group, this is just good stuff!

Need an extra bonus?  There's a FREE online small group assessment tool included that you're going to want to check out (a code inside the book flap provides registration).  A $12.50 value, it's a new tool at www.smallgroupinsights.com.  Developed by Dr. Les Parrott, the small group insight profile provides feedback that can be shared with a group.  Very interesting!  And it's FREE with the book.

Whether you're leading a small group or leading a small group ministry, Leading Small Groups with Purpose is a great addition to my must-have list.  I loved it and I know you will too!

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