Life.Church’s Open Network is a Powerful Resource…and it’s FREE

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Life.Church’s Open Network is a Powerful Resource…and it’s FREE

Yesterday I posted an update about Anthology,  North Point’s FREE resource,

Today, I want to make sure you know about Life.Church’s Open Network resource. Although it’s been open (see what I did there?) for several years now, there’s a good chance you’ve missed out on all the Open Network offers.

First, it is a great FREE source for small group curriculum. While not as extensive as Anthology, it has plenty of great portable content that will serve your small group ministry.

Second, you’ll find content for way more than just small groups. Open Network includes content for Kids, Youth, Worship, Leadership, Messages, etc. A very extensive collection.

Third, there are some really good leadership development resources in Open Network. Seriously, if you’ve checked out what they share for FREE you need to spend some time there ASAP. So good! Very usable as is, or use as a model for something you create.

Fourth, Open Network also includes FREE access to a great set of Apps. You probably know that Life.Church developed the YouVersion Bible App. But did you know they a growing line of other cool apps? For example, DEVELOP.ME transforms your staff (or volunteer) performance review cycle into year-round growth and collaboration.

Finally, Open Network actually features more than just Life.Church content. Elevation, Hillsong, Willow Creek Association and others have begun sharing their content there, as well.

If Open Network is new to you, take some time to check it out. Your ministry will be enriched by what you find there. And, if it’s been awhile since you’ve looked around in the Open Network, you owe it to yourself to take another look.

So good! Don’t miss it!

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