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liquidIf you’re looking for a DVD-driven study that is provocative, easy to use, and generates great discussion, you’ll love Mirror Image.  From the Liquid series, this is a study of five of Jesus’ best known parables (including The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan) and it is a must-have in our suggested curriculum list.

What makes it so engaging is that rather than a talking head, each session presents the truth of a parable in a dramatic and contemporary retelling.  For example, The Prodigal features a drug-using runaway daughter who returns to the welcoming arms of a mother and the disapproval of an older sister.  There are five sessions and they are all very compelling.

One of the things that I love about this study (and the series) is that it is on what I call “the easy end” of the easy/hard continuum.  It’s not hard to invite a friend to join in, and whether they’re familiar with the parable or not they will find it engaging.  I also really like this study (and the series) because it doesn’t require a teacher.  Group members can take turns facilitating the session and the included questions are very good at driving a great discussion.

Want a sample?  You can watch the trailer and a session right here.

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  1. […] Mirror Image, from Liquid.  This is a DVD-driven study of several of the Jesus’ best known parables (including The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan.  Although some Life Groups picked up this study last year, if yours missed it, this is a great discussion.  You can order your copy right here. […]