Must-Read: Add 4 Chair Discipling to Your Disciple-Making Resource List

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I spent some time this week with 4 Chair Discipling: Growing a Movement of Disciple-Makers by Dann Spader. Published in 2014, this one began hitting my radar a couple years ago, but is just now making it onto my reading stack (one of the books on my 2017 Summer Reading List).

Dann Spader is the founder of Sonlife Ministries, a training organization that trains, coaches and mentors leaders, providing a fresh encounter with Jesus as our model for making and multiplying disciples. Spader is currently serving as a training consultant for Southeast Christian Church in Louisville KY, helping them develop their disciple-making strategy.

4 Chair Discipling looks at the life of Christ through the lens of a new person who wants to become a Christ-follower (p. 143)." I really like the way Spader looks carefully at the sequential steps Jesus took with his closest followers. So helpful, a chronological examination is eye-opening in terms of understanding Jesus' model.

The essence of Jesus' model or strategy is outlined in "four challenges He posed to His followers: 'come and see' (John 1:39), 'follow me' (John 1:43), 'follow me and I will make you fishers of men' (Matthew 4:39), and 'go and bear much fruit' (John 15:16) (p. 13)."

Spader provides a very readable examination of Jesus' model. I'd probably call it a page-turner if it weren't also packed with insights that demand reflection. My copy is marked and highlighted extensively (so I can circle back and think more about these implications and applications).

Well-organized, 4 Chair Discipling offers a very clear example (and numerous personal illustrations) of how Jesus' model can be applied in the 21st century. Like me, I think you'll come away with a number of unforgettable insights.

The book also includes two important chapters on the sticking points and barriers between "chairs." Further, the appendices provide a helpful overview of how to build a disciple-making ministry.

If you're looking for a fresh understanding of how to make disciples the way Jesus did, 4 Chair Discipling is a must-read. I highly recommend it.

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