Need a Spiritual Fill Up?

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I believe that if you want anything to happen at the member level, your leaders must experience it first.  The way I say it a lot of times is that, "Whatever you want to happen at the member level you have to do to and for your leaders."  I really believe that if we aren’t full of God, if we’re dry, we are crazy to believe that our small group leaders could be any different.

When I make that statement I know that it begins with me.  If I’m skimping on my own devotion and growth I’ll have nothing to pass on.  If I’m dry…well…I’ll have nothing.  And since I have a long-standing dream of  helping my leaders to experience what it is to know God deeply and to experience him deeply, I look for ways to give that to them.  With that, if you haven’t seen and heard the Healer video from the new Hillsongs recording, This Is Our God, then you need to stop what you’re doing and watch it.  Want to order your own copy?  You can do that RIGHT HERE.

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