New from Chris Mavity: “Your Volunteers” Packs a Powerful Punch

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your volunteersI tripped across a fantastic training resource over the weekend! Your Volunteers: From Come and See to Come and Serve is a short little book that packs a big impact.  Written by Chris Mavity, Executive Director of North Coast Training, Your Volunteers is a book you’re going to want to read right away and again and again.  More to the point…you’re going to be passing this on to your staff and key volunteers because this book is a game changer.

Your Volunteers is short–just 84 pages in the Kindle version–but it is packed with great ideas!  There are a number of aspects that I really love:

First of all, Chris Mavity is not a theorist.  The principles and practices outlined in Your Volunteers are time-tested and true.  They’re in evidence at North Coast (and many of the other churches that have been trained and have adopted them).

Second, the section on environment is golden.  Although it will strike you as a no-brainer, it will give you some language that will really help you cast vision, reframe expectations, and just in general envision a new way of thinking about the kind of environment that produces volunteers.

Third, the section on volunteer operations is really way beyond ordinary.  The way Chris fleshes out the five operational skills is very, very helpful.  The five skills are recruiting, training, placing, supporting, and monitoring and I’m willing to bet that your copy will be just as marked up and highlighted as mine.

Finally, I really love the chapter-ending set of key ideas and discussion questions.  You’ll begin imagining the and planning the good conversations and clear next steps that your team is going to take from the moment you finish chapter one (on valuing your volunteers).  Seriously, seriously good stuff and very helpful.

I loved Your Volunteers!  Can’t wait to get it in the hands of my team…and I know you’ll feel the same way.

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