New from Beth Moore | The Law of Love: Lessons from the Pages of Deuteronomy

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Desperate for your Beth Moore fix?  If you’ve ever wanted to eavesdrop on her Bible study at Houston’s First Baptist Church…here’s your chance.

Presented live in early 2012,
The Law of Love: Lessons from the Pages of Deuteronomy is a great example of the kind of teaching that’s been happening on Tuesday nights in Houston since the mid-90s.  Thanks to a nicely packaged set from Living Proof Ministries, your Bible study or small group can get in on the experience.

Six ninety-minute DVD sessions drive the experience.  While there is plenty of room for notes, the listening guide is simple and a little stripped down, including only the most essential fill-in-the-blank takeaways.

The format is different than what you’ve experienced in James: Mercy Triumphs or Moore’s previous studies from LifeWay in one significant way: The Law of Love doesn’t include the daily homework that participants are accustomed to.  For participants who want to dive a little deeper, the listening guide does include six articles written by Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick (Moore’s daughter) and they are very good.  Written as a response to the previous Tuesday lecture, the articles provide additional insights into the topic.

Why Deuteronomy?  A fair question.  There are probably many who wonder, “of all the books of Bible, of all the possible themes or character studies that you could do…why Deuteronomy?”  Let me tell you, if you’ve ever been tempted to skip over Deuteronomy (and Leviticus) in your one year Bible reading plan…you’ll never do it again.  There are some serious aha moments here, and you don’t want to miss one of them!

As you’re thinking about the significance of the book of Deuteronomy, don’t miss the fact that it’s been referred to “as the heartbeat of the Old Testament (Christopher Wright, Deuteronomy, NIBC).”  Wright goes on to write, “Feel the pulse of Deuteronomy and you are in touch with the life and rhythm of the whole Hebrew Bible.  Indeed, if we add the influence of the book on Jesus, Paul and the early NT church, it is a profoundly significant book in the whole Christian canon of scripture.”

Moore delivers a powerful six session experience that you won’t want to miss.  It will have an impact on the way you look at the Old Testament and I don’t think you’ll ever read Jesus’ answer about the great commandment the same way again.  From here on out, you’ll hear these words differently.  I like this study and I think you will too.

Prefer to buy from Amazon?  You can do that right here.

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