New from Kenny Luck…Sleeping Giant: Men’s Ministry in a Box

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Looking for a way to jump start (or re-energize) a men’s ministry? You need to take a look at Sleeping Giant: No Move of God Without Men of God.  Published with the tag line, “Men’s ministry in a box,” I believe that might be the understatement of the year.  There are some extremely powerful ingredients inside this box and a better tagline might have been, “Do Not Open Until Ready for Impact!”

In response to the dangerous decay in our culture, Kenny Luck’s Sleeping Giant is a men’s strategy designed to help churches issue “a clarion call to action.”  As the president and founder of Every Man Ministries and co-author of the bestselling, Every Man, God’s Man, Kenny has logged more than 2 million miles speaking to audiences everywhere, helping churches worldwide develop healthy men’s communities (Read: He knows what he’s talking about and his passion for this work bleeds through in everything he does).

There are three components included in the Sleeping Giant DVD Leader Kit.  Although any of the ingredients could be used independently, their use as an integrated training, encouragement and challenge formula will deliver a powerful outcome.

First, this experience is anchored by the Core Team Workbook.  The six sessions are designed to provide a rich experience for the men on your core team.  Four short work at home segments lead up to the Core Team Meeting and are completed in advance as preparation.  Each of the work at home segments is further enriched by the inclusion of suggested additional reading as well as movie and media recommendations.  The core team meeting questions and activities will help “lay the foundation for intentional men’s ministry.”  The workbook also includes a leader’s guide and additional resources.

A second key ingredient to the experience is the six session DVD featuring teaching by Kenny Luck.  The segments average 30 minutes and are pitched just right for men.  An authority on the topic, Kenny is a compelling speaker and holds attention well.  Also included on the DVD is a special message to pastors and a specially crafted message to the church explaining the Sleeping Giant strategy.

A third ingredient to the experience is the recently published book, Sleeping Giant by Kenny Luck and Tom Crick.  Although the workbook features excerpts, you may want to read the book for the full effect.

This is powerful stuff!  More than a men’s study, this is a game-changer that will produce leaders.  If you want to build a men’s ministry that has impact, I can highly recommend Sleeping Giant.  Purchase from Amazon  Purchase from Lifeway

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