New from Liquid: The Ten (6-10)

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Another entry in the Liquid line of DVD-driven small group curriculum hit the streets recently.  The Ten (6-10) is part two of their Ten Commandment series and looks at murder, adultery, theft, lies and desire “through the lens of today.”

Produced by Mariners Church and published by Thomas Nelson, one of the distinctive elements of the Liquid line is that a modern re-telling of the biblical story or principle is used to offer a fresh take on an ancient truth.  Instead of watching a “talking head” explain the biblical truth, small group members find themselves quickly engrossed in an unfolding story that gives a contemporary angle to the discussion.

Another distinctive of the Liquid line is the brevity and compact format of each episode.  With a running time of about 10 minutes, there’s just enough here to pull your group members in and prepare them for a great discussion.  There’s just enough, but no more.  Right at the point the group is really getting into the story…a short teaching vignette by one of Mariners’ teaching pastors focuses biblical truth in an application oriented nugget.

Finally, a third distinctive of the Liquid line is great discussion.  This is a very engaging format that draws out even the most reserved group members.  It’s also a format that frequently catches long-time Christians by surprise.  There is something about the fresh angle that the story takes that quickly pulls in even the kind of group that prefers “just going through a book of the Bible.”

You can take a look at the whole catalog of Liquid studies right here.  You can also see the rest of my small group curriculum reviews right here.

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