NOW Is the Time to Plan Your January/February Strategy

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NOW Is the Time to Plan Your January/February Strategy

Note: Be sure and read all the way to the end to take advantage of a special opportunity.

Second only to September/October, the very best time to launch new groups and connect unconnected people is January/February. There are four key elements that make this true everywhere:

  1. The struggles, challenges and difficulties of the old year are front of mind.

  2. A new year is always perceived as the best chance for new beginnings.

  3. It is an excellent time to narrow the focus of church-wide efforts to provide easy first steps and next steps.

  4. The longest uninterrupted season allows new groups to firmly establish before summer (when the newest groups struggle).

Have you started planning your January/February strategy to launch new groups and connect unconnected people? Hope so! After all, NOW is the time!

The most effective January/February strategies leverage:

  • Keen insights and deep understandings of the interests and needs of unconnected people

  • Optimized tactics that reach deeply into the congregation, crowd and community

  • Well-designed and coordinated timelines that maximize impact

  • Skillful collaboration between multiple ministry departments and teams

How will your January/February strategy turn out?

In November of 2014 I launched what would turn out to be one of my most popular mini-courses based entirely on this opportunity and this need.

I revised it and offered it again in November of 2016. Again, hugely popular and so timely for churches intent on maximizing their opportunity.

Do you want to maximize your opportunity in the new year?

Now is the time to make plans that will launch the largest number of new groups and connect the largest number of unconnected people. January/February is too important to put off this critical opportunity!

There are two ways to take steps today that will pay off in 2018.

You can still take advantage of the 2016 version of Jumpstart January: Plan, Launch and Sustain More New Groups than Ever Before (click here to find out more or purchase this very popular mini-course).

Here’s the special offer:

You’ll get full access to Jumpstart January AND the rest of my mini-course library by joining GroupLife Insider (my membership site). In fact, through Tuesday, October 31st, you can register for GroupLife Insider at the FOUNDER’s price.

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