One Month To Live

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What if you had one month to live?  Think you’d make any changes in the way you spent your time?  Would you spend more time with family?  Would you tell friends what they really mean to you?  Would you take steps to seek or give forgiveness?  What would you do differently if you found out that you had only one month to live?

One Month To Live is a church-wide campaign designed to engage the people in your church with one central question: If you knew you only had one month to live, what would you do to make what’s left of your life really matter?  Developed by Kerry and Chris Shook and based on their New York Times bestseller by the same name, One Month is available as a campaign in a box.  Much like 40 Days of Purpose, everything you need to pull off a church-wide campaign has already been developed to assist your congregation.  You can find out how to preview and order materials right here.

I’ve found there are a few key factors to determining whether a given church-wide campaign is a good fit for your congregation.  Production quality, presentation style, full featured, customer service, and topic are 5 distinctives that must be evaluated for fit.

  1. Production Quality: One Month to Live is a professionally produced suite of materials.  DVD, study guide, available marketing materials, hardback book, extras…all have a high-quality look and feel.
  2. Presentation Style: The DVD has a magazine feel to it.  Each session features Kerry and Chris Shook speaking from a well designed set.  In addition, rather than a “talking head” presentation, instead of telling a story to make a point the DVD cuts to a video testimonial.
  3. Full Featured: Everything you need is available in the kit.  I refer to it as a “just-add-water” campaign.  You can take a look at the kit contents right here.
  4. Customer Service: You’ll appreciate the fact that customer service is an inside job with OMTL.  Rather than using a fulfillment center, you’ll be working with service representatives who are very familiar with the product and believe in its purpose.
  5. Topic: This church-wide study features a topic and presentation style that are cleanly on the easy end of the easy/hard continuum.  If you’re looking for a study that your members can invite friends and neighbors to attend…this study will be a great fit.

Final Word: I found this study to be really easy to promote and super easy to encourage members to invite friends to join.  We had some complaints from a very closed-minded few who wanted a “deeper” Bible study.  On the flip side, the vast majority of our groups loved the study and were very enthused about the depth of conversation and challenge that developed.  If you’re looking for a church-wide campaign that is easy to invite friends and neighbors to attend, I heartily recommend One Month to Live.

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