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Have you taken a look at the Open Source materials at  One of the most exciting and innovative churches in the world has also made a commitment to providing open access to a lot of the media and materials they develop.  In addition to their open source small group curriculum, you can also find materials for kids and youth as well as worship and ministry tools.  You can check out their open source idea right here.

I love the last few lines in the “about” section of Open | where they explain why they’re making so much good stuff free:

“In return, all we ask is that content is used in a non-commercial application in which the overall mission is to lead people to Christ. That’s absolutely it. And if a free gift with no strings attached seems too good to be true…well, isn’t that why we’re all doing what we’re doing anyway?”

If you’re looking for additional curriculum ideas for your groups, I want to encourage you to take a look at the downloadable material at  I think you’ll like what you find.  There’s a wide range of topics.  All of them line up with a message series that is also downloadable.  And I know you’ll like the price!  Free.

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