Pssst. I’m Launching a Small Group Ministry Conference

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grouplifePssst. I’m Launching a Small Group Ministry Conference

That’s right. I’m launching a small group ministry conference in Las Vegas. And I could use a little help.

Here are the details:

March 27th and 28th, 2017 (Las Vegas has great weather in March).

The conference is for small group ministry point leaders (paid and unpaid). It will also be a great experience for key ministry volunteers (i.e., coaches and other high capacity leaders).

I’ve already lined up 6 great speakers you are going to love:

  1. Bill Willits: Executive Director of Ministry Environments for North Point Ministries
  2. Tim Cooper: Leader Training and Resources team for North Point Ministries
  3. Chris Surratt: Discipleship and Small Group Specialist for LifeWay Christian Resources
  4. Dave Enns: Lead Pastor Small Groups Ministry, North Coast Church
  5. Hugh Halter: U.S. Director of Forge
  6. Todd Engstrom: Executive Pastor of Ministries at The Austin Stone Community Church

I’m still working out the pricing but it will be in the same range as re:group or the Lobby.

The website will go live on 9/15/16.

Here’s where you come in:

I’d love to hear from you about the conference. You could help me with a little information.

First, would you email me and let me know you’re interested.

Second, in the email would you tell me which small group ministry speakers you’d like to hear from and what topics you’d like to learn about?

Thanks for your help!

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