Putting Plan B Into Action (New DVD-Driven Study)

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Had an opportunity last year to read Pete Wilson’s Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would? Great stuff from the lead pastor of one of the most creative churches I’ve come across.

Like an growing number of churches, Cross Point is doing a great job of leveraging video so I figured it was only a matter of time and we’d be seeing a DVD-driven study. Putting Plan B Into Action marks their entry into what will probably be a long-running series.  There’s a lot to like about this one.

First of all, this is sure to be a popular topic.  Who hasn’t felt like their life has taken an unexpected turn for the worse?  Especially in light of current economic conditions…this will be a timely study for many groups.

Second, Pete Wilson is a very good communicator.  The short (10 to 12 minute) video vignettes do a great job of setting the mood for a healthy discussion; the blend of personal stories and biblical references provide just enough and no more.

Third, each session has a good set of discussion questions.  Important to point out though, what happens in the group isn’t a Bible study.  Although each of the DVD segments reference a biblical story (Joseph, David, Jesus, etc.), the purpose of the group discussion is not to unpack the biblical story.  Rather, the group time tackles a discussion about loss, lack of control, and our powerful need for empathy and understanding.  In addition, as session one, question 9 points out, “we jumped into the deep end with this session.”  I didn’t find the depth extreme.  There are enough safety nets to make it a powerful but not overpowering study.

Fourth, each of the six studies have a set of five daily devotionals that begin with scripture and provide opportunities for reflection and a way to continue the journey begun with the group discussion.

Finally, you’ll find a selection of resources online for download that include a leader’s guide and promotional materials.  You can see what’s available by clicking here.

As I evaluate curriculum, one of the most important elements is what I call its “cross cultural value.”  In other words, will this material require a translator if I invite my neighbor or friend from work.  This is a great topic.  Whether your friend has ever heard of Joseph or David…they’ll get this topic.  It’s definitely relevant.  I think you’ll find it a pretty helpful addition to the recommended list.

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