Quotebook: A Higher Standard than Jesus? (re:group Day Two)

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There are times every once in a great while when something a speaker says is so convicting it causes an audible gasp or sigh in the room. There was one of those times on Day Two of re:group in the session by Tim Cooper called Training Leaders to Engage Culture.

It was a statement that was not in the notes and I'm not sure if it was a quote. Here's the line:

If what someone is doing keeps you from ministering to them them, you have a higher standard than Jesus. —Tim Cooper Share on X

I hope I never forget that truth.

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  1. Chuck Kanupp on May 5, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Mark, I was in the room also when Tim said those words. The truth of his comment literally caused the breath to be taken from the vast majority of the audiance, including myself. We all in unison asked Tim to repeat what he said so we could wright it down. I have quoted what Tim more times than anything else from Re:Group. So, I encourage everyone who has not gone to a Re:Group Conference to make plans now to go in 2018. You will leave with something that changes you.