Quotebook: Arriving at the Preferred Future

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I love a great quote. And one of my favorite lines concerns what for me is an essential idea. Arriving at the preferred future.

A couple years ago I was listening to an Andy Stanley talk about the principle of the path. So good. The line I'll never forget happened when he said:

"Path, not intent, determines destination."

Think about it. No matter your dreams, your vision, your hopes or your good intentions...the path you're on absolutely determines the destination.

He told a great story about a time in his youth when he was careening down what he and Louis Giglio believed to be the quickest way to get home, only to be flagged down by a speeding car trying to get their attention. Only when they stopped to see what the other driver was trying to tell them did they realize that the bridge ahead was under construction.

Their best intentions⁠—get home on time⁠—would not matter. The path they were on didn't lead to the preferred destination.

Forget about your dreams, your vision, your hopes, your intentions.  Does the path you're on actually lead to where you'd like to go?

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