Quotebook: Easy First Steps

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I hear this (or something like it) a lot.

“We don’t want to just connect people.  We want to help more of our adults become disciples who make disciples.  We know what we want to end up with.  We’re just finding it hard to get the majority of our adults to answer the call and make the commitments they need to make.”

Ever heard that?  Ever said that?

Listen.  I want that too!  But, when I hear that line, I’m reminded again how important it is that we never forget that most of the adults in our sheepfolds aren’t looking for the thrill that comes in being a disciple.  They’re not.

What most of the unconnected adults in our sheepfolds are looking for is the sense that they matter, the sense that they’re known, the sense that they belong.

If we want to help more of the adults in our sheepfolds become disciples who make disciples, we’ve got to design first steps that are easy, obvious and strategic.  They need to be doable.  They need to be blatant.  And they need to lead in the right direction.

The first order of business?  Design first steps that are easy.  The most important thing that for us to remember is that if we want people to arrive at the destination of a disciple who makes disciples…they’ve got to move from where they are.

Legendary Sunday school teacher Henrietta Mears said, “It is difficult to steer a parked car, so get moving.”

Don’t forget this.  Ever.

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