Don’t Miss Matt Chandler’s Newest Study: Recovering Redemption

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recovering redemptionHad the opportunity to take a look at Matt Chandler’s newest study this week.  Chandler, lead pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas, is one of America’s most popular preachers.  He is the author of a number of books and a regular contributor of Bible study  curriculum.  In Recovering Redemption: How Christ Changes Everything Chandler “gets to root of brokenness and our destructive patterns of behavior.”

Recovering Redemption is a 12 session DVD-driven study.  The video segments are classic Chandler.  28 to 36 minutes each, this is weekend sermon footage recorded live at The Village Church in 2013.  Chandler is a powerful speaker in the way few preachers are and these messages are no exception.  The DVD also includes several personal stories of redemption.

The Recovering Redemption study is designed to include three important components.

  • Attend each group experience (where you’ll watch the video, complete the viewing guide and participate in the group discussions).
  • Complete the content in the member book
  • Read Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer’s book Recovering Redemption

The member book (also referred to as the Bible study workbook) includes:

  • A video viewing guide that is designed to help members focus attention on the teaching, capture important ideas, and take notes.
  • Discussion questions for each session that will guide your conversation about the video and also about learnings in the weekly Bible study.
  • Each week includes three personal Bible studies that will take members deep into the topic.

A companion book by the same title is available to be read alongside the study.  Cowritten by Chandler and Michael Snetzer (a groups pastor at The Village Church), is very readable.  Written in an almost conversational style and packed with stories and illustrations that make the concept leap off the page, the book will help members take the message even further.

Recovering Redemption is an extremely powerful study.  If you’ve never heard Matt Chandler, you’re in for a kind of treat.  Although deeply theological, his messages always break through my personal bias toward seeker sensitive in the first few minutes and I find myself listening intently, caught off guard and fully immersed in what God’s word has to say to me.

I begin my review of every Matt Chandler study with my own bias completely in control and within minutes find myself thinking about all of the small groups that really need this study.  Recovering Redemption is a must add to your recommended list.  I highly recommend it.

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